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Convenient, No-Hassle Intake Process

Whatever type of training your dog needs, our seamless onboarding process makes it easy for you to get us your dog's information and get them the quality professional training they need ASAP.

Full-Service Approach to Dog Wellness

Our Las Vegas dog resort prioritizes the holistic wellbeing of all our furry friends and we provide custom and personalized training designed for your dog's needs.

Experienced & Fully-Trained Staff

Our dog trainers have decades of experience proving themselves as expert doggy caretakers. Let our team show you how we create safe, inviting, fun environments for all kinds of pooches in the Las Vegas area.

Open 24/7 for Your Dog’s Needs

Our Las Vegas dog resort is staffed 24/7 for full coverage and supervision of our dog boarding patrons. Contact us day or night, whether you’re curious about our services or just want to check in on your doggo. You can always reach out to us!

Dog & Puppy Training

Our skilled Las Vegas dog trainers customize their unique training plans to fit each dog’s needs and personality. We make training enjoyable for you and your dog by finding ways to reinforce positive habits and enhancing the connection between you and your dog, all while helping them meet standards of obedience. Our team loves dogs and knows how much good behavior can benefit you and your dog’s relationship. Check out our training packages to see which approach might be best for your furry friend:

  • Board & Train
  • Private Training
  • Hybrid Training
  • Out and About

Board & Train

If you’re planning an upcoming trip out of the city, or you’re looking for a professional team to love on your dog while you spend the weekend on the Las Vegas Strip, look no further than Total Dog! Las Vegas and our state-of-the-art dog resort! Why not have them get some training at the same time? It’s our mission to make sure that our doggy patrons have a comfortable, enjoyable, safe visit with us, so we do everything in our power to keep your dog healthy and protected while they enjoy private time and social time under our care. Our fun-loving staff and trainers have decades of experience supervising and engaging with dogs, plus our entertaining Las Vegas dog resort is a one-in-a-million experience. Visit our gallery for a look at the Las Vegas dog kennel your furry friend will be cared for in.

  • 24/7 Supervision
  • Focused on Safety & Health
  • Built for Fun and Entertainment
  • Plenty of Room for Activity

Schedule A Stay at Our Las Vegas Pet Resort & Training Facility

Our Las Vegas dog resort staff and trainers are ready to provide your dog the quality care and attention that they deserve, all at our one-stop-shop.


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About Total Dog! Las Vegas

Total Dog! Las Vegas has operated in the Las Vegas area for years providing comprehensive dog-related services to dogs and dog owners. Our veteran-owned business is known and trusted for our dog training services, but have since expanded to encompass other valuable services like dog boarding, grooming, and sitting. Our comprehensive, one-stop shop allows us to handle all aspects of your dog’s life while saving you time and money on alternative solutions, such as dog sitters and third-party groomers. Our team of experienced dog specialists have all the skills needed to host your dog properly, take care of their needs, and help them have fun at the same time. Whether you and your dog live in Las Vegas, Summerlin, Paradise, Henderson, or elsewhere in the Las Vegas area, you can rely on Total Dog! Las Vegas to deliver your dog a quality experience every time you visit our Las Vegas dog resort and kennel.



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