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About Total Dog! Vegas

We're a Las Vegas premier dog training facility serving the Las Vegas Valley community & their dogs

We provide a complete range of services that dogs and their owners rely on in one convenient location, by one team, focused on one goal: to give every dog the chance to unlock their full total dog potential.

The Total Dog! Vegas facility is located in northwest Las Vegas and is the headquarters of our company where our training occurs. Our Las Vegas dog experts understand that every dog is unique and each one has different needs. The core of our methodology relies on scientifically proven methods to empower dogs to become well-behaved with structure while connecting with their own personality traits. We are ready and willing to do what is needed to improve your dog’s behavior and enhance your relationship with them as well. Sign up for a free training consultation to see what Total Dog! Vegas is all about.

We invite you to explore our different training options. Learn more about the dog-loving staff and trainers that will interact with your pup throughout their training sessions or at the pet resort. You may have questions at this point; we invite you to visit our FAQ page or take some free YouTube lessons.

One-Stop-Shop for Dog Needs

Our Las Vegas dog boarding facility is part of our fully-staffed pet resort, where we offer comprehensive dog training services. Our team will accommodate your requests and provide your dog with the services that offer the most value to their life and wellbeing.

Priorities of Comfort & Safety

Our staff knows how important your relationship with your dog is to your everyday life. Our team goes the extra mile to supervise all of our dog patrons in real-time, both on foot and via our comprehensive camera system. This attention to detail and our plush, relaxing environment make for a setting that your dog is sure to find pleasure in.

Experienced Dog Care Professionals

Our dog care professionals have decades of combined experience under their belts supervising dogs, managing diets, facilitating physical activity, and overseeing their interactions in group settings. As a trusted staple of the Las Vegas area for years and years, you can rest easy knowing that our team has the tools necessary to give your dog the best experience.

Dog Loving, Engaging Specialists

Our team is full of passionate dog lovers who enjoy coming to work every day and giving our customers’ dogs a positive experience at our dog boarding facility. Once you drop off your dog with us at our Las Vegas dog boarding facility, you can expect them to get as much play and attention into their schedule as they could ever want.

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