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Introduction to Place


Is your dog out of control in your house and are you frustrated with this behavior?

Tip 1: Having the right equipment

To start let’s go over the Equipment Needed to teach Place. I will put a link below in the comments for the following equipment.

  • Place Cot – Come in many variations and sizes. Ultimately you want a cot raised off the ground a few inches and one that your dog can lay on comfortably.
  • Leash – We recommend starting with a 6 foot leash in the beginning but quickly graduating to a 30 ft leash so you can work on your distance
  • Treats – In the beginning of training place you will want a treat that holds a high value to your dog. This is important because you will use that treat to lure your dog onto the cot.

Tip 2: Understanding the Meaning of Place

Now that you have all your training equipment we need to know What Place actually Means:

  • The command of place simply means that your dog’s four paws are on the place cot and stay there until released or given another command. While working the place command we focus on adding four variables to this command to ensure the dog will stay on place no matter what is happening in their environment. The three variables we train through are Time, Distance, Distraction.
    • Time is the amount of time we can get the dog to stay on place before we release them or until they make a mistake and break from the position
    • Distance is how far away we can get from the dog. This is where you will want to use your long leash.
    • Distraction is the most important variable to teach because there are unlimited numbers of distractions in the world we live in.

It is crucial that your dog learns to listen to you know matter what is happening in or around their environment.

Tip 3: Introducing the command of Place correctly

We will use the luring method to teach place. Use your reward to lure the dog onto the place cot, once all four paws are on the cot you want to mark with your marker then reward your dog. Keep your dog on the cot for a few seconds then release them. Do this drill over and over until you dog understands the task at hand. Then start adding the command of place prior to the dog stepping on the cot. In a later video we will cover how to add the variables and how to hold your dog accountable to the command of place.

Tip 4 – Knowing the benefits of place

Place is a command that you can use in almost any situation. It teaches your dog a boundary as well as teaches them impulse control. We recommend practice place while you watch TV, cook dinner, and when the doorbell rings so you can greet your guests without your dogs under your feet. Another benefit is that once your dog understands the concept of place you can turn anything into place. For instance a park bench or the scale at the vets office. The skies the limit when it comes to teaching your dog place.

To Recap….My top 4 tips place training and how they can benefit you are…

Tip 1: Having the right equipment

Tip 2: Understanding the Meaning of Place

Tip 3: Introducing the command of Place correctly

Tip 4: Know the benefits of place

I am Justin with Total Dog!