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Stop Jumping


Does your dog jump on you and all of your guests? …are you frustrated and had enough of this behavior?

I am Justin from Total Dog and in this post I am going to share my top 5 tips on how to stop your dog from jumping!

Step 1

Do not reinforce the undesirable behavior. No petting or giving any affection while the dog has paws off the ground.

Step 2

Hold the dog accountable when he makes a mistake. If they dog jumps it is important to have a leash and collar on the dog so you can communicate to it in a way they understand. When the dog jumps give it a correction and pair it with the work OFF. OFF is the correction we use anytime the dog is on anything we don’t want them to be on.

Step 3

Set the dog up for failure to teach it success. Encourage it to jump by getting it excited…as soon as they look like they are jumping anticipate and correct. If we do this enough the negative behavior will become extinct.

Step 4

Reward for the good behavior. When the dog keeps all four paws on the ground and stays calm we want to make sure we reward that.

Step 5

Use multiple people and new people to increase the possibility of mistake. Do not shy away from the challenge but instead use it as an opportunity to hold your dog accountable.