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The Wait Command


Every year 100s of thousands of dogs escape their owners front door to either be lost and never return or are hit by a car and are either killed or badly injured

I am the Dog Boss and in this post I will teach you how to teach your dog the wait command in 4 simple steps and ultimately keep them safe.

Step 1 – Start Slow

It is natural for dogs to want to go through an opening out of curiosity. Bring your dog to the door and slowly open it. If they try to bolt close the door and give them a small correction then start over. This is the beginning steps to teach them that they have to respect the threshold.

Step 2 – Add Command

Prior to opening the door completely give them a solid “wait” command. The wait command just means that they cannot cross the threshold of the door. They can sit, stand, or lay down as long as they don’t cross the threshold.

Step 3 – Open the Door completely

In this step open the door completely and leave it open while your dog waits. Then you will walk through the threshold while the dog stays in the wait command. It is important that you and your guests exit first. Then when you are ready to let the dog out you can release them.

Step 4 – Add Time/Distractions/Distance

It is important to proof the wait command just like any command we teach. Continue with steps one and two and before you release your dog add distractions and add distance….

To recap…our 4 simple steps to teach your dog the wait command are

Step 1 – Start Slow
Step 2 – Add Command
Step 3 – Open Door
Step 4 – Add TDD

I am the Dog Boss with Total Dog….

Thank you for reading…TRAIN HARD!!!