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Dog Daycare in Las Vegas, NV

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Why Choose Our Vegas Dog Daycare?

As dog enthusiasts, we understand how important it is for busy dog owners to give their dogs the amount of attention, love, and freedom that they need in order to grow and develop properly. We all have responsibilities that we must take care of, but that doesn’t mean that our dogs must experience loneliness as the result of our choices and obligations. At Total Dog! Las Vegas, our team offers fully comprehensive dog daycare services in the greater Las Vegas area for dogs that could use some attention and activity throughout the day while owners handle their business. Let our fun-loving daycare staff treat your dog to a day of entertaining activities and play while you work, commute, travel, and live your life.

The Customers We Serve

Our dog daycare in Las Vegas works with all kinds of clients, such as corporate employees with long workdays, parents with dozens of kid-related obligations, and people who travel outside of the city daily for work. There are plenty of scenarios that impact dog owners’ schedules in ways that create less room for playing, walking, feeding, and spending time with their dogs. Our goal is to supplement the time and attention that you do have for your dog, and make the most of the time that they have when you must be away from home.

Playful, Fun Activities

Our staff understands that dogs require active lifestyles in order to live their best, most healthy lives. Our state-of-the-art facility features active play areas, toys, props, and courses that dogs enjoy each time they stay with us. Our staff members play with dogs, engage in games, and facilitate the social time that the dogs enjoy together. Choose a Las Vegas dog daycare that cares for your dog’s wellbeing enough to roll around and get active with them.

Attentive Supervision at All Times

Our responsible dog sitters and daycare staff hold your dog’s safety as our number one priority. Protecting the health and welfare of our customers’ dogs is a full-time commitment, which is why we supervise all areas of our dog daycare both on foot and via our electronic surveillance camera system. Our Las Vegas dog daycare makes it our mission to keep your dog safe and respond efficiently and appropriately if any issues ever arise on our premises.

Experienced, Well-Equipped Dog Sitters

The staff members at our dog daycare have all the tools they need to handle any situation that comes up on the job. We’ve trained each of them to understand our policies, intake all dogs properly, address problems immediately and calmly, and implement best practices into their work. Every dog will be temperament tested prior to being allowed into our resort. After the temperament test all dogs will be given a FREE half day of daycare which allows us to evaluate the dog to ensure it is a good fit for group play. Once given the green light they are welcome all the time!

Dog Loving Individuals on Staff

Our dog sitters enjoy dogs and the fun-loving energy that they bring into every room. Our team looks forward to working and playing with dogs on a daily basis. Let our dog-loving staff take care of your pooch while you handle your daily affairs. With all the attention and energy we give them during their visit with us, we assure you that you’ll be glad you chose Total Dog! Las Vegas.

Pricing Options

Half-Day Daycare Packages

We offer our half-day dog daycare services on a per-day basis. The more days you book us for daycare services, the better the deal you get!

$19 for 1 Half Day

$89 for 5 Half Days

$169 for 10 Half Days

$499 for 1 Month of Half Days

$3,999 for 1 Year of Half Days

10% Discount for each additional dog

Full-Day Daycare Packages

Our popular full-day dog daycare services might be the fit for you if your schedule keeps you away from home for long hours throughout the day.

$29 for 1 Day

$129 for 5 Days

$249 for 10 Days

$599 for 1 Month

$4,999 for 1 Year

10% Discount for each additional dog

Schedule Your Dog Daycare Appointment Today

Our professional Las Vegas dog sitters are ready to show you why our daycare staff is trusted and respected by so many loyal customers. Contact our team today to book your next appointment.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for daycare?

Dogs must be at least 17 weeks old, be current on required vaccines, pass our temperament test, and complete a Free half day of daycare evaluation.

What are the vaccine requirements for Daycare services?

All of the dogs that we work with are required to pass a temperament test. Dogs must also have their Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, and Parvo vaccines situated.

Does my dog need to be spayed or neutered?

Yes! All dogs over 10 months old must be spayed or neutered.

What steps do you take to ensure no dog fights?

Every dog will be temperament tested prior to being allowed into our resort. After the temperament test all dogs will be given a FREE half day of daycare. This is mandatory and allows us to evaluate the dog to ensure it is a good fit for group play. Once given the green light they are welcome all the time!

What are the opening and closing times for Total Dog’s Las Vegas’ facility?

Our facility is open from 7AM to 7PM everyday (Sunday through Saturday).

Does Total Dog! Las Vegas offer any other dog care services outside of the daycare?

Yes, our dog resort offers comprehensive dog boarding (overnight), dog grooming, and dog training services.

Is there a late policy?

Yes, owners who pick up dogs after the dedicated pickup time are subject to late fees.