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At Total Dog! Las Vegas, we understand the value of a holistic approach to dog care, and offering dog grooming in Las Vegas is one of the many ways we make life easier for both dogs and their owners. Are you tired of dealing with difficult dog groomers that rush through appointments and don’t follow through on instructions? Our Las Vegas dog groomers are great communicators that take pride in the attention to detail paid towards each dog’s grooming session. We communicate with all of our customers about their expectations before starting our jobs, and we factor each dog’s individual needs into our grooming process. At Total Dog! Las Vegas, our experienced, well-trained dog groomers are more than ready to give your dog the healthy appearance that they deserve with absolutely no hassle.

Why Trust Total Dog! Groomers?

Total Dog! Las Vegas has had years of experience in the canine community both training dogs and interacting with them using the utmost level of care. After expanding services, Total Dog! Has maintained that same level of priority care in regards to our Las Vegas dog grooming clients. We make grooming appointments as peaceful and tolerable as can be for the dogs we work with, plus we go the extra mile to coordinate each dog’s appearance with their owners before grooming begins. To get more information about our dog grooming policies and processes, contact our team today!

Relaxed, Careful Approach

We are some of the best in the business because we get the dogs we work with on our side. To make sure that each dog we work with is eased into the process, we do our part to calm dogs down and help them to relax before bombarding them with tools and equipment.

Attention to Detail

Our Las Vegas dog groomers are extremely thorough when it comes to the grooming process our customers’ dogs undergo. We go through all the appropriate steps both before and during our process, making sure to set each dog up for a successful grooming appointment.

Experienced, Well-Trained Groomers

Our professional Las Vegas dog groomers have years and years of experience taking dogs’ appearances to the next level. We understand how much good hygiene and maintenance can positively impact a dog’s daily life, so we do everything we can to put dogs in the best position possible.

Dog Loving Individuals

Total Dog! Vegas hires fun-loving dog enthusiasts that enjoy caring for and interacting with dogs. Whether they be the ones in our personal lives or the ones we work with every day in our careers, we absolutely enjoy playing and connecting with dogs. Our grooming services are just another way for our groomers to help dogs out as they keep the fun going.

Grooming Prices

General Grooming Services

Our general grooming packages are both comprehensive and inclusive. Prices listed may vary depending on the nature of each dog’s coat.

$45+ for Small Dogs

$55+ for Medium-Sized Dogs

$65+ for Large Dogs

$75+ for Extra Large Dogs

$30+ for Post-Grooming Exit Baths (All Dogs)

Standalone Grooming Services

Each of our individual care services is billed separately from our general grooming packages.

$15 for Nail Trim

$15 for Teeth Brushing

$10 for Ear Cleaning

$10 for Gland Expression

$15 for Brush Out

$10 for Facial Scrub

Let Our Las Vegas Dog Groomers Take Your Dog’s Look to the Next Level

Our professional Las Vegas dog groomers have all the tools needed to upgrade your dog’s appearance and keep them looking neat and healthy. Schedule your appointment today!


Frequently Asked Questions

What days does Total Dog! Las Vegas’ schedule grooming appointments?

Our business hours for grooming services are Thursday to Sunday between 9AM and 5PM.

Do our groomers deal with existing issues such as matted or knotted fur?

Yes. Our groomers work with dogs experiencing all types of circumstances.

What are the requirements that dogs must pass in order to get cleared for grooming services?

All of the dogs that we work with are required to pass a temperament test. Dogs must also have their Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, and Parvo vaccines situated.