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Pet Resort Pricing Breakdown

Competitive Pricing

Total Dog! Vegas is committed to the care of your dog and offers competitive rates so you can keep your pup entertained, looking their best and on their best behavior without breaking the bank. Our straightforward pricing includes discounts for additional dogs, when you pay upfront for daycare and individual care add-ons so you can spoil your furry friend when you’re out of town and they are boarded with us.

Dog Boarding Pricing Options

Classic Package

This package allows dogs to get a combination of private boarding time and ample social interaction time as well.

$49 per night

Each additional dog can stay for an additional 10% off

Private Boarding

Here, you’ll be able to secure a dedicated private space specifically for your dog. They’ll receive the same amazing treatment from our staff, without having their time with us disrupted by other dogs.

$64 per night

Each additional dog can stay for an additional 10% off

Luxury Package

This upgraded package includes special additions that make your dog’s stay even more pleasurable. The package is offered at different rates for different numbers of dogs.

$99 per night for 1 dog

$149 per night for 2 dogs

$199 per night for 3 dog

Individual Care Services

You can implement these add-ons to your dog’s stay with us to make their custom-tailored boarding stay as fun as it can be.

$5 for each peanut butter kong (per occasion)

$15 for playtime (per occasion)

$15 for cuddle time (per occasion)

$15 for each walk (per occasion)

Our Grooming Prices

General Grooming Services

Our general grooming packages are both comprehensive and inclusive. Prices listed may vary depending on the nature of each dog’s coat.

$45+ for Small Dogs

$55+ for Medium-Sized Dogs

$65+ for Large Dogs

$75+ for Extra Large Dogs

$30+ for Post-Grooming Exit Baths (All Dogs)

Standalone Grooming Services

Each of our individual care services is billed separately from our general grooming packages.

$15 for Nail Trim

$15 for Teeth Brushing

$10 for Ear Cleaning

$10 for Gland Expression

$15 for Brush Out

$10 for Facial Scrub

Daycare Pricing Options

Half-Day Daycare Packages

We offer our half-day dog daycare services on a per-day basis. The more days you book us for daycare services, the better the deal you get!

$19 for 1 Half Day

$89 for 5 Half Days

$169 for 10 Half Days

$499 for 1 Month of Half Days

$3,999 for 1 Year of Half Days

10% Discount for each additional dog

Full-Day Daycare Packages

Our popular full-day dog daycare services might be the fit for you if your schedule keeps you away from home for long hours throughout the day.

$29 for 1 Day

$129 for 5 Days

$249 for 10 Days

$599 for 1 Month

$4,999 for 1 Year

10% Discount for each additional dog