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Dog Training in Las Vegas, NV

Proven, Effective Training Methods

About Our Las Vegas Dog Training Services

Total Dog! Las Vegas’ Dog Experts

Our Las Vegas dog training company is veteran-owned and trusted by dog owners all around Southern Nevada for our professionalism and reputation as effective, consistent dog training experts. Total Dog! Las Vegas employs a team of engaging, personable dog specialists with decades of experience interacting with dogs and managing their behavior. We love dogs and would love nothing more than to see our customers and their dogs overcome training obstacles and thrive in full, fun-filled relationships. Our Las Vegas dog trainers design custom training programs for each of the dogs that we work with, so we do everything in our power to address each dog’s unique needs.

Humane, Custom-Fit Training Methods

Our dog-loving trainers offer training sessions in a variety of settings. We’re able to conduct at-home sessions, training in real-world environments, and training at our dedicated dog resort facility. No matter the setting or the training package, our humane dog training solutions are sure to give your dog the best chance at obedient behavior and training success. It’s our mission to engage your dog wherever they might be on their journey, get their attention, and generate willful participation in activities that lead to long-term healthy habits.

Trusted by Las Vegas Dog Owners

Total Dog! Las Vegas has invested years and years in the lives of dogs and owners in this community. We consider our clients to be members of our large dog-loving family, and their furry friends reap the benefits of the trust and cooperation our customers provide. When training dogs, we take all the steps necessary to creating impactful, long-lasting effects on them. Whether you want to outsource training completely or be an involved part of the growth process, know that our trainers are willing to accommodate you and your vision for your dog’s training results.

Board & Train

Our Board & Train service allows dogs to learn from a trainer for an extended four week period of lessons, activity, and entertainment inside a trainer’s home. Providing dogs with organized training activities throughout each passing day gives them time and space to absorb the training and act on it.

  • Eliminates Distractions to Training
  • Maximizes Dog’s Learning Environment
  • Emphasizes Positive Reinforcement

Private Dog Training

With one-on-one, private training, your dog is sure to get the tailored approach that best suits them and their behaviors. Let our experienced professionals assess your dog’s tendencies, consult you on their issues, and build out a fully comprehensive training regimen that takes them from disobedient to obedient. At Total Dog! Las Vegas, we understand the value of getting through to your dog with engaging, direct training methods.

  • Custom Tailor Plans for Each Client’s Dog
  • Invest in Dog’s Development Process
  • Make Progress Each Session

Hybrid Training

Our Hybrid Training regimen is the best of both worlds, with two weeks of Board & Train instruction combined with complimentary private training sessions to solidify best practices. With both away from home and at-home training, you can rest assured knowing that your dog is getting thorough instruction on a variety of different fronts.

  • Balance Different Training Environments
  • Enhance Retention Through Repetition
  • Cover All Angles for Maximum Results

Out & About

Our Out & About group training class is conducted out in the real world, where interaction between dogs and their surroundings are balanced by direct, focused training exercises that reinforce positive habits. This robust approach allows us to conduct important lessons with real-life applications.

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Why Choose Our Las Vegas Dog Trainers?

Total Dog! Las Vegas offers top-notch dog training sessions to all of our customers and furry friends.

Experienced Dog Training Professionals

Our expert dog trainers have decades of experience bringing the best out of dogs with bad habits. They have experience helping dogs move past all types of behavioral issues, such as barking, leash pulling, potty training problems, and other issues. With their track records of successful behavior modification, our Las Vegas dog trainers have proven their ability to effectively connect with dogs’ mentality and generate the results owners are looking for.

Patient Yet Persistent Approach

Our Las Vegas dog trainers understand that sustainable progress requires time and repetition. We give each of our dog trainees real opportunities at learning by repeating exercises until they become go-to habits. Dogs want to please their human partners, so our approach to comprehensive dog training is rooted in understanding and patient repetition.

Dog Loving, Engaging Specialists

All of our dog trainers have had plenty of positive personal experiences with the dogs in our lives. We genuinely like dogs and enjoy being around them and helping them grow. Because of this, we treat our dog trainees with the utmost respect and make it our mission to design engaging training exercises that the dogs willingly participate in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do these training sessions happen?

Our team of Las Vegas dog trainers is very flexible regarding the training environment. We conduct training sessions at clients’ homes, out in the real world, or in the home of our trainers with the Board & Train package.

What age must dogs be to receive training?

We don’t have restrictive policies regarding our dog trainees. We train both mature dogs and puppies in order to address whatever behavioral problems they might be having.

Does Total Dog! Las Vegas offer training sessions outside of Las Vegas city limits?

Yes, we travel to surrounding cities like Summerlin and Henderson to deliver training to customers’ dogs.

Are there any behavioral problems that we don’t work with?

There are no issues that our dog trainers won’t help your dog move past.

Can my dog be trained while boarded?

Yes, we offer board and train programs.

Does Total Dog! Vegas offer financing?

Yes, we can facilitate monthly payment plans for training and daycare services. Contact us to learn more about financing.